The Rainbow Sports Bar

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The Rainbow Sports Bar in London Shoreditch is one of the best and most vibrant strip pubs in London. Different from some of the more high end strip clubs in central London, like Stringfellows or Platinum Lace for example, The Rainbow keeps things a little more affordable and friendly.

The drinks are reasonably priced, unlike the high end clubs in Central London, and the décor and ambience of the place is pleasant enough. It’s strange to see a club that is predominantly buzzing with strippers in barely any clothes, offering sports on TV screens around the room however.

Strip Clubs – High and Low End

If you are a fan of strip clubs, you can easily spend a small fortune in one of the high end central London clubs. These are the type of places that attract tourists you see, and they’re not afraid to charge a very premium price for their entertainment. In places like Platinum Lace they have some marvellous looking strippers for sure, and they are incredibly talented, but they’re not just talented at dancing and putting on a performance. They are also talented at fleecing their clients. These girls will literally walk their clients to the cash machine (that conveniently sits in the entrance of the club!)

The Rainbow

At The Rainbow, it’s a much simpler affair. There is a small entrance fee (we’re not sure how much it is these days), then you’re in, and you will see a whole host of beautiful women parading around wearing next to nothing. And the girl on the stage of course, will be wearing literally nothing! Each time a new girl is about to go onto the stage, she will walk around the club with a glass asking the clientele for a pound to put in the glass. Then she will take her place on the stage and dance. The girls are just as talented as most of the girls you see in the high end clubs by the way.

If you want a private dance, there are areas in the club where you can go with the girls and they will charge you a fee to dance for the duration of a song with you. In the high end clubs they can charge literally hundreds of pounds for just one single dance! The last time we checked, The Rainbow Sports Bar was charging around £20-30 for a private dance.

Bombarded with Girls

There is one thing that can be a little annoying at The Rainbow. The girls will simply not leave you alone. Once one of them has moved on from you, another will take her place. Their goal of course is to get you to take them for a private dance. Perhaps they make more money this way, or they keep all the private dance money, we’re not sure. Either way, it can get a little irritating at times. However, if you’re in a strip club, you shouldn’t really complain about being bombarded with girls!

If you’re the type of person who enjoys the company of scantily clad strippers, you might be interested to learn that London is also a hive of activity for party girl London escorts, who would more than likely oblige you!

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