Exploring Shoreditch: A Guide to Kid-Friendly Play Areas in the Heart of London

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Shoreditch, located in the vibrant East End of London, is renowned for its eclectic mix of art, culture, and trendsetting neighborhoods. While the area is often associated with its hipster vibe and fashionable hangouts, it also offers a range of kid-friendly spaces for families to enjoy. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best kids’ play areas in Shoreditch, providing parents with options for entertaining their little ones in this dynamic part of the city.

  1. Shoreditch Park:

    Shoreditch Park is a green oasis in the heart of the urban landscape. With spacious play areas, including climbing frames, swings, and slides, this park caters to children of all ages. The park’s expansive grounds also provide ample space for picnics, ball games, and family outings. Shoreditch Park offers a perfect blend of recreation and relaxation for families seeking outdoor fun.

  2. Rich Mix:

    Rich Mix, a cultural and arts center in Shoreditch, often hosts family-friendly events and activities. From film screenings to interactive workshops, Rich Mix is a hub of creativity and entertainment for children. Check their schedule for family-oriented events that combine education with fun in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

  3. Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park:

    A short distance from Shoreditch, the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is a vast expanse of greenery and recreational spaces. The Tumbling Bay Playground within the park is a haven for kids, featuring sand pits, water play areas, and innovative climbing structures. Families can also explore the beautiful parklands, walkways, and take in the iconic Olympic legacy sites.

  4. Museum of London Docklands:

    For families interested in history and exploration, the Museum of London Docklands provides an engaging experience for kids. The Mudlarks Gallery is specifically designed for children aged 8 and under, offering a hands-on, interactive space where they can play, explore, and learn about London’s maritime history.

  5. Dishoom Shoreditch – Permit Room:

    While not a traditional play area, Dishoom Shoreditch’s Permit Room offers a unique dining experience that caters to families. The restaurant features a cozy and relaxed atmosphere, making it welcoming for parents with children. The eclectic decor and delicious menu create an enjoyable environment for families looking to share a meal together.

  6. Boxpark Shoreditch:

    Boxpark, known for its pop-up shops and creative spaces, also provides a family-friendly atmosphere. While parents explore the diverse retail offerings, kids can enjoy the open-air setting and street food options. Boxpark occasionally hosts family events, making it an ideal destination for a casual day out.


Shoreditch, with its trendy reputation, may not be the first place that comes to mind for family outings, but the area boasts several kid-friendly spaces and activities. From parks and playgrounds to cultural centers and dining experiences, Shoreditch offers a diverse range of options for families seeking both entertainment and relaxation. Whether exploring green spaces, engaging in creative workshops, or enjoying a family meal, Shoreditch proves that it has something for everyone, including the youngest members of the community.

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