Shoreditch’s Canvas: Exploring Famous Art in London’s Hip District

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Shoreditch, located in the vibrant East End of London, has earned its reputation as a hub of creativity and artistic expression. This eclectic district is adorned with an array of street art, murals, and installations that contribute to its dynamic and ever-evolving cultural landscape. This article delves into the world of famous art in Shoreditch, exploring the works of renowned artists that have turned the streets into an open-air gallery.

  1. Banksy’s ‘Designated Graffiti Area’:

    Shoreditch is no stranger to the enigmatic and elusive street artist Banksy. One of his notable works, ‘Designated Graffiti Area,’ is located on Curtain Road. The piece humorously depicts a sign declaring a specific area for graffiti, complete with a queue of people patiently waiting to contribute their artistic flair. Banksy’s clever social commentary is a testament to Shoreditch’s acceptance and celebration of street art.

  2. Stik’s ‘Big Mother’:

    Stik, known for his minimalist yet impactful stick-figure art, has left his mark on Shoreditch with ‘Big Mother.’ Towering over the streets, this mural portrays a mother holding her child, evoking themes of protection and love. Stik’s work often explores social issues and human connections, and ‘Big Mother’ resonates with its simplicity and emotional depth.

  3. ROA’s Wildlife Murals:

    Belgian street artist ROA has made a significant impact in Shoreditch with his intricate depictions of wildlife. His large-scale murals feature detailed and anatomically precise representations of animals, often native to the regions where his works are displayed. These captivating pieces celebrate biodiversity and draw attention to environmental issues.

  4. D*Face’s ‘The Last Judgement’:

    Renowned artist DFace, known for his pop-infused and provocative style, has left an indelible mark on Shoreditch with ‘The Last Judgement.’ This mural presents a satirical take on societal norms, blending elements of pop culture with religious symbolism. DFace’s ability to merge the playful with the profound is evident in this thought-provoking masterpiece.

  5. Jimmy C’s ‘David Bowie Tribute’:

    Shoreditch pays homage to the legendary David Bowie through a mesmerizing tribute mural by Australian street artist Jimmy C. The artwork captures Bowie in his iconic Ziggy Stardust persona, using Jimmy C’s distinctive pointillist technique, creating a visually stunning and emotionally resonant piece that reflects the spirit of the area.

  6. Tracy Emin’s ‘I Want My Time With You’:

    Tracey Emin, a celebrated contemporary artist, contributed to Shoreditch’s art scene with her neon installation titled ‘I Want My Time With You.’ The piece is a testament to Emin’s exploration of intimate emotions and personal narratives. The glowing words invite viewers to contemplate the complexities of human connections within the bustling urban environment.


Shoreditch stands as a testament to London’s dynamic and inclusive art scene, where the streets become a canvas for expression, protest, and celebration. The famous art in Shoreditch, created by internationally acclaimed artists, transforms the district into a living gallery that captures the spirit of the community. As these artworks continue to evolve and inspire, Shoreditch remains an essential destination for art enthusiasts, locals, and visitors alike, seeking to immerse themselves in the creativity that defines this eclectic part of London.

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