Savoring Shoreditch: A Culinary Journey Through Its Street Food

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From a working-class industrial hub to a bastion of creativity and culture, London’s Shoreditch has undergone a remarkable transformation over the past few decades. Today, it is not only known for its vibrant art scene and nightlife but also for its culinary delights, particularly its street food. Shoreditch serves up a diverse feast that caters to all palates and preferences. Let’s embark on a gastronomic tour of some of Shoreditch’s best street food offerings.

The Rib Man at Brick Lane Market

Starting off our list is a local legend. Known as The Rib Man, Mark Gevaux’s stall at Brick Lane Market has been serving some of London’s best rib meat since 2009. His ribs, slow-cooked over several hours, are served with a variety of homemade hot sauces aptly named ‘Holy Fuck’ sauces. His rib rolls are a must-try for meat lovers.

Dhan Waffle

A dessert that has taken Shoreditch by storm, Dhan Waffle offers a unique twist on the classic Belgian waffle. This stall serves up wheel-shaped waffles filled with an array of fillings ranging from traditional custard and chocolate to exotic durian fruit. A sweet treat that shouldn’t be missed.

Only Jerkin

Bringing a taste of the Caribbean to Shoreditch is Only Jerkin, famous for their jerk chicken. Marinated for 24 hours, then double-fried and served with a selection of homemade jerk sauces and sides, their chicken is a flavourful sensation that’s a crowd favourite at the Kerb food market in Shoreditch.

Shoreditch Fish & Chips

No food tour of London would be complete without trying the quintessential British dish – fish and chips. Shoreditch Fish & Chips offers one of the best versions in town, with perfectly battered, crispy fish and fluffy chips, all wrapped in a traditional newspaper.

Sud Italia

Nestled in the heart of Shoreditch, Sud Italia serves authentic Neapolitan pizzas from a custom-made wood-fired oven. The stall’s use of fresh, high-quality ingredients and traditional cooking methods has earned it recognition as one of London’s best pizza joints.

Yum Bun

Yum Bun’s small, fluffy steamed buns filled with a choice of slow-roasted pork, chicken, mushrooms, or crispy fish are a delicious East-meets-West concoction. Topped with fresh veggies and sauces, these buns have won several street food awards.


Lahpet, a vendor at the Old Spitalfields Market, offers a taste of Burma. Their namesake dish, Lahpet Thoke, a fermented tea leaf salad, is a blend of tangy, sweet, and umami flavours that offers a unique taste of Burmese cuisine.

Bleecker Burger

Bleecker Burger started as a street food stall and is now a burger institution in London. Known for their high-quality, perfectly cooked beef patties, and squishy buns, Bleecker Burger’s offerings are a must-try for burger aficionados.

Big V London

Catering to vegan tastes, Big V offers a range of plant-based burgers and facon (fake bacon) sandwiches. Their ‘facon cheeseburger’ and ‘sweet potato fries’ are local favourites and proof that vegan food can be just as flavoursome as its meaty counterparts.

Merkamo Ethiopian

Adding to Shoreditch’s diverse food tapestry, Merkamo Ethiopian at the Old Spitalfields Market offers vibrant vegan dishes. Their colourful platter, featuring injera (a sourdough flatbread), various lentil and vegetable stews, and fresh salads, provides a delicious introduction to Ethiopian cuisine.

This culinary journey illustrates the diverse food culture in Shoreditch, where traditional British food stands shoulder-to-shoulder with global cuisine, and innovative vendors are always pushing the boundaries of flavour. Street food in Shoreditch is a reflection of the area’s diversity and vibrancy, offering a unique way to explore and savour the district’s multicultural spirit. So, the next time you find yourself in London’s East End, embark on a street food adventure, and allow Shoreditch to satiate your taste buds and enrich your cultural palate.

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